Solus GT

Friends of the Whale family Proud Robinson & Partners have been working with McLaren to redefine luxury for today's world. We came aboard to help create a campaign around the Solus GT, our first campaign working with the legendary English car maker.

An extreme McLaren design concept born in the virtual racing world. Now made real. And ultra-rare. There will only ever be 25 Solus GTs. Rendered possible through McLaren’s position at the apex of motorsport, supercar and hypercar development, this is a pure expression of track driving focus and engagement. The unique monocoque houses a naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 engine that revs beyond 10,000rpm and generates more than 840PS. In a ruthlessly pared down machine that weighs less than 1,000kg and generates 1,200kg of downforce. It’s as close to the experience and feel of driving a Formula 1 car as you can get.

We built a team including world-renowned photographer Greg White and equally acclaimed animation director Airton Groba to blur the line between fantasy and reality, for a machine that does the same.