Wear the Weekend


In a digital campaign for Samsung, we helped long-time partners Wieden + Kennedy created an awesome Augmented Reality fashion collection for Fun Mode, the built in feature on Galaxy A devices that lets you apply Snapchat AR Lenses to dress up your photos and clips.

To create and promote the capsule collection, the campaign features K-Pop artist BIBI modeling the bespoke looks created by six emerging digital fashion designers, including AR pioneer Ines Alpha, Maison Taskin, SGI Creator, Aliina Kauranne, Gwen Kim, Linxi Zhu. The collection launched on Fun Mode and featured in BIBI’s new music video: The Weekend. The AR filters were created with the help of The Mill+ using cutting edge body tracking technology in partnership with Snapchat and six designers (as mentioned above) from around the world, including Germany, United Kingdom, Finland and South Korea.

The wide-ranging collection features physics-defying fashion only possible in AR, from glitch fabric jackets to armoured dresses that everyone can wear. The designs also include fun and quirky moving elements that can be tracked with Snap’s latest 3D full-body tracking technology.

The film, with all the effects done in camera using a real Samsung phone, was directed by the super talented Christine Yuan and produced by the good people at Object & Animal with impeccable line production support in Seoul from Nine Tailed Fox.

Alice Park, Mi-oh Kim, Dajung Lee, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Blake Harrop, Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath, Hannah Smit, Edouard Olhagaray, Emma Mällinen, Carlos Font Lorenzo, Tyler Andre, Pablo G de la Peña, Güney Soykan, Joe Togneri, Endy Hedman, Bethany Papenbrock, Alex Smith, Martin Wiegel, Thom Dinsdale, Danielle Pak, Elsa Stahura, Amar Babbar, David Newsome, Eleanor Thodey, Angelina Joy, Mauro Sala, Gustav von Platen, Lizzie Murray, Lucille Fenouil, Yaleesa Waëlauruw, Jacson Mitchell, Sohyeon Nam, Lewis Beedham, Stelios Nikolaou, Michael Graves, Object and Animal, Christine Yuan, Andrew Truong, Tiffany Suh, James Cunningham, Nine Tailed Fox, Seoul, Danny Kang, Seon Kwon Hwang, Trim Editing, Ross Hallard, Stainless Sound, Nick Smith, BIBI, Feel Ghood Music, The Mill, James Bamford, Dan Crozier, James Lewis-Humphrey, John Thornton, Zoe Cosh, Dave Wishart, Kevin Young, Annie Keogh, Matthew Hill Liam Mason, Rosie Emery, Diane Thirault, Bethan Williams, Jarrad Vladich, Sinead Catney, Lucy Budd, Hugo Richel, Alexandre Tamisier, Onshore Studio, Arthur Cormerais, Ines Alpha, Aliina Kauranne, Gwen Kim, Denis Goec, Linxi Zhu, Adiella Bachshe