Turkish Airlines


We're thrilled with the results of our five month collaboration with terrific team at Turkish Airlines, who have been incredible partners. This year's Super Bowl campaign for Turkish Airlines was a pleasure, working with people we like and respect from brief through delivery.

Whale was both agency and production company on this epic project, working with terrific local line production companies in Istanbul (Depo) and New York (Good One).

World-class talent like Engin Celikbas, who led the entire project, and Kenn MacRae, who somehow fit being both ECD and Directing into every day, is what we're all about at Whale and we're grateful for the opportunity to work with the best.

We try and put craft at the heart of everything we do, and believe Amsterdam is the best city in the world to do it. Our partners here at Splash Studios, Glassworks, and MassiveMusic demonstrated why.

Rafet Fatih Ozgür, Mehmet Dinler, Fatih Akyıl, Barış Akın, Uğur Emre Paksoy, Yeliz Nur Celayir, Rukiye Sündüz Gani, Muna Irmak Kurçeren, Kayahan Uluş, Gökhan Öcal, Betül Yağcıoğlu, Engin Celikbas, Kenn MacRae, Daniel John, Steel Bonus, Abi Leah, Ender Sevim, Melih Kokucu, Öykü Aytulun, Andaç Sahan, Merve Toz, Burak Yildirim, Elif Seydioğlu, Emrah Çiçek, Brian Song, Willa Goldfeder, Brooke Filewich, Pete Konczal, Jermaine Sumra, Zeki Sarayoğlu, Josh Visser, Oriol Vinas Vineta, Bruno Pötsch, Cathie Valdavino, Yolanda Kemper, Alican Melen, Rigel Kilston, Lyon Pol, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, Darren McPherson, Mateusz Kozlowski, Kyle Obley, Urs Furrer, Alexis da Camara, Scott Harris, Leo Grassi, Andy Kidd, Chris Kiser, Belen Palos, Rebecca Johnson, Goerdie Wood, Cece Wyldeck, Niels van der Wiele, Auke Riemersma