Sex Education Season 3


Netflix enlisted Whale to launch Season 3 of the global hit Sex Equation in Benelux. At the heart of the campaign was the ‘Positivity Pop-Up’ in the middle of Rotterdam produced with our partners at Megawatt, supported by a building-sized-billboard and a digital board you couldn’t miss. Whale’s creative team, led by Barbara Ryan, designed the experience from the ground up to beg to be photographed, from the wallpaper to the spectacular flower sculptures throughout the space. We made sure we’d be noticed with provocative headlines animated on the digital board outside the venue, and every visitor left with a flower.

The goal was to generate social buzz by having fans experience their favourite show up close and personal over the ten day stretch the pop-up was open. Whale organised a series of speakers for each day tied to the themes of the show, and the terrific photographer Bete van Meeuwen made sure everyone went home with a stunning portrait. One of our first physical events post-covid, it was great to be back, and people seemed to agree, with the event reaching capacity throughout the run.

To support the pop-up, we delivered a full suite of social assets, and helped produce a beautiful film from Donnya Zidan and her terrific team at Vigics.